Growing green grass… Naturally!™

We Are Different

Zero Pesticides

Turf Logic® follows programs that are 100% pesticide-free. Pesticide-free lawn care is our specialty.

100% Organic is Not

Many lawn care providers offer "organic-based" products that are NOT chemical-free. Turf Logic® uses only 100% organic products.

"No-Yuck Factor"

Turf Logic® 100% organic products are made entirely of safe and clean, plant and mineral ingredients. Many other commercially available products contain animal and even human waste products!


Preventative Not Reactive

Many lawn care providers take a reactive approach that uses dangerous pesticides to "kill" unwanted weeds and pests. Turf Logic® takes a smarter preventative approach to growing a healthy lawn that prevents weeds and pests from occurring in the first place.

Customized to Your Lawn

Many lawn care providers offer a "cookie-cutter" lawn care package. Through our unique laboratory-based soil analysis (Turf Rx®), Turf Logic® provides you with a customized lawn care program to meet the individual needs of your lawn.